Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Lockdown: at home with Oxford Rope Bight

'I don't have safety shears at my parents' house.'

Don't take risks, then, but lockdown is about improvising. A hairbrush and a bottle cap are called into service for this online workshop. Everyone is in their individual live-stream rabbit hutch.

'I've got no solid flat space to tie on.'

Apprehensively I take out a few pens. Some of them need regular exercise but I haven't felt able to pick them up since the virus shitshow began. They work first time. Let's hear it for Japanese craftsmanship.

A non-participant has a nosebleed. This reminds me of a friend's friend who, checking himself for signs of plague, managed to stick the thermometer up his nose, and bled.

'I wish there were someone around I could hurt apart from myself.'

'In a few months I'll be free.' (Don't bank on it.)

'I might not be tying 'cos my family are about.'

I miss the energy of live performance, but there is one advantage for me online: you can't tell if you're the one I'm drawing.

More pictures if you scroll down.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Osada Steve and Sophie Alice workshop chez Esinem

A dazzling afternoon in a bountiful south-east London garden: hen and chicks, raspberries, apples, redcurrants, tomatoes, aubergines, peas, plums... But we plunge indoors for a shibari workshop.

While the tropical fish look on, Steve takes charge. His route to shibari was martial arts so he gives thought to self-protection and connection with the model: 'If you do it like this she can punch you in the face. Sophie, can you feel my heart beat?'

He dismisses 'power stuff, idiot stuff'. 'We are not in the jerking off business. We are trying to give her a good time.'

The picture you make is all-important. 'As a rigger you have a responsibility to put her into beautiful poses.' And let her 'deep-dive into sub space.'

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Fred Rx Barbee's class at Anatomie Studio, London

I had been meaning to experiment with some of these drawings but still have not done so. Here, with apologies for my delay and indecision, are pictures of the incomparable Fred Rx Barbee's weekend class at Anatomie Studio, London, held in September 2018. Further instruction was provided by his wonderful model O.c. Harddwn.