Saturday 20 April 2013

BOUND at the Flying Dutchman - last one before the Chelsea Flower Show

Round field hedge now flowers in full glory twine
Large bindweed bells wild hop and streakd woodbine

- John Clare,  from The Shepherd's Calendar - June

I arrive at the Flying Dutchman in daylight for the first time. Nina Russ, a queen of rope, calls me over, eyes bright: 'I felt a wave of pleasure all over my body. And adrenaline.' She's describing how she feels after a day working in her beloved garden.

A BOUND show garden at Chelsea would be interesting. Not too Japanese. Lianas. Shade-loving. Nina's planning a vegetable patch so that she can cook home-grown produce for clients at the bondage instruction weekends she runs with Bruce Esinem.

There's a short seminar before the performances. 'Right,' says Bruce, 'let's get started. What are your expectations from bondage?'

'Art, sex, fun,' says someone.

Subjects are Ben and Stella, Jack the Whipper and Zahara, Andrea Ropes and MaYa Homerton, a couple from the audience, and Bruce tying a volunteer. She thanks him as they shake hands afterwards. 'Pleasure, my dear,' says Bruce.

More pictures if you scroll down.

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