Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Kasumi Hourai at Anatomie

Aizen Kaguya does a terrific job of interpreting while Kasumi Hourai teaches.

During the class on how to tie someone wearing a kimono, Aizen - in a beautiful kimono made by her mother - is about to be gagged for a few minutes but announces that she will memorise what Kasumi says and translate once the gag is removed. The érotisme (Aizen is a French native speaker) of the kimono is centred on the exposed nape.

Like the sari, the kimono does not preserve its identity intact when worn by les étrangers, who inevitably impose a new idiom. The garment's essence may evaporate in translation. Most significantly, the kimono has evolved to flatter the Japanese body and to dictate a manner of graceful, submissive movement prescribed by society.

During Kasumi's four-day course at Anatomie Studio, an evening of performance inaugurates this well-appointed new shibari venue in Peckham owned and managed by Fred Hatt and Miss Bones.

Subjects: Fred Hatt and Miss Bones; Kasumi Hourai and Aizen Kaguya; Gestalta and Sophia Mindus; students and members of the audience.

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