Sunday, 9 February 2014

Hurricanoes at BOUND in the Flying Dutchman: Japanese rope bondage in performance

Shouting at the wind and rain. The weather makes Lears of us all.

So, while no one can hear me, I'll say it again: shibari performance needs to be lifted out of the fetish ghetto sometimes.

I don't mean those truncated, bowdlerised spots at clubs like the Box, but approachable evenings in Zone 1 (and the equivalents beyond London).

You already have live music, costume, props, a narrative arc.

Make yourselves accessible to audiences and backers. To people who are decadent enough to like a bit of bourgeois comfort on a night out.

Get an impresario/agent interested. Make connections. It's theatre after all.

Test the market.

I know what you'll say.

Never never never never never.

It's OK, no one looks at this for the words.

Subjects: Nina Russ, MaYa Homerton,  Fuoco, Gorgone, Andrea Ropes, Bruce Esinem, Gestalta, members of the audience.

More pictures if you scroll down.