Saturday, 6 September 2014

September BOUND at the Flying Dutchman

Today I finally get to see the National Geographic TV documentary featuring Japanese rope bondage in which I'm briefly interviewed sitting on a sofa, burbling away, being a safe, acceptable observer of this BDSM activity or (if you're me) this dynamic substitute for life class. I don't look as much of a prat on it as I thought I would.

(Have you noticed this blog is called Boulevardisme? BoulevarDiSMe? Ah, OK.)

Tonight's subjects: Edna and Anea Capaken; Gorgone and Fuoco; Nina Russ and MaYa Homerton; Red Lily and Zlata (the only man performing this evening); Gestalta and Bliss; members of the audience.

I forget to bring my pens and brushes - not the embarrassing felt-tips or my Rotring art pen but the real ones, dip-pens, reed, bamboo, feathers, bondage rope, human hair, all that stuff. Never again. 

The next night finds me listening to the Prom on the radio and making cauliflower cheese. As I said, safe and acceptable.

More pictures if you scroll down.