Tuesday 8 September 2015

More from BOUND at the Flying Dutchman

Subjects: Cabi and Kimokawaii; Kirigami Wabisabi and Ten Shiko. 

I spent the first half of the evening at the Prom (Mitsuko Uchida) so missed the beginning - apologies. 

More pictures if you scroll down. 

Kasumi Hourai at Anatomie

Aizen Kaguya does a terrific job of interpreting while Kasumi Hourai teaches.

During the class on how to tie someone wearing a kimono, Aizen - in a beautiful kimono made by her mother - is about to be gagged for a few minutes but announces that she will memorise what Kasumi says and translate once the gag is removed. The érotisme (Aizen is a French native speaker) of the kimono is centred on the exposed nape.

During Kasumi's four-day course at Anatomie Studio, an evening of performance inaugurates this well-appointed new shibari venue in Peckham owned and managed by Fred Hatt and Miss Bones.

Subjects: Fred Hatt and Miss Bones; Kasumi Hourai and Aizen Kaguya; Gestalta and Sophia Mindus; students and members of the audience.

More pictures if you scroll down.