Saturday, 15 April 2017

New magazine with added rope bunnies: The Amorist

'Never get involved in a new publication,' my boss would intone, in the days when old publications were deemed to be safe. We did editing with pencils, rubbers, scissors, glue, a Rotadex full of jokes, and an art department along the carpeted corridor. They had scalpels and a more narcotic glue. The art director was chairman of the Royal Yachting Association. The editor's PA's boyfriend had a sideline in porn but she was so posh it didn't count.

We moved on. One of us married the chairman of a big four accountancy firm. One became the Duchess of Buccleuch.

And I got involved in a new publication.

The Amorist is edited by Rowan Pelling, who negotiates the boundaries of taste with zest and refinement.  Billed as 'a romantic, witty and discursive erotic magazine – a flirtatious conversation, designed to appeal to women and men', it's aimed like Cupid's arrow at readers of The Oldie, London Review of Books, History Today, The Lady, The Spectator, The TLS, New Statesman, Private Eye...

Selfridges' window, 2016

My own involvement is a feature written and illustrated by me about drawing shibari for this blog, I'm very happy to have it in the launch issue, out on 26 April in WHSmith and elsewhere, plus a worldwide online edition. There's a cheapo subscription deal.

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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Anatomie Studio workshop: Miss Eris and MaYa Homerton

Miss Eris and model MaYa Homerton are giving a class on the suspended body at Anatomie Studio in Peckham. Subjects include Anna Bones, Sophia Mindus, Chantal and Niyou Li (who was the first person I drew or even saw in suspension). Again, I am stuck on line rather than tone or colour and this is work suspended.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Bound at the Flying Dutchman, February 2017

I am retreating into lines, with less room to use real live ink these days; these sketches are mostly an aide memoire, diary notes to be worked on away from this present where things to do land on my desk like dead animals crashing through the ceiling.

I'm pleased to see a Financial Times carrier bag. I just catch the end of the first performance, by Nina Russ and Dutch Dame, seen on screen top left, on stage top right.


Also here tonight at the Flying Dutchman in Camberwell are Andrea Ropes and Kitty Rea; Nawasabi Shibari and Verena Venusian. 

Is this one upside-down?