Saturday 20 July 2013

Another orderly evening of Japanese rope bondage: Bound at the Flying Dutchman in Camberwell

Someone was trying to give away two tickets for tonight's show because she'd forgotten that it clashed with her supermarket delivery and she didn't want the tickets to go to waste

For those who ask me what sort of people go to bondage, I'd say that covers it. 

More rarely, I'm asked if the performers have sex as part of the demonstration. No. And any eroticism is in the charge between the performers if it's there (or emanating from self-suspension). It has nothing to do with the ropes.

Is a drawing erotic? Only if a person looking at a drawing thinks it is.

Someone showed me his drawings recently. The figure drawings of a girl in conventionally provocative poses were not, to my mind, erotic. The landscapes were. There you go.

Subjects: Dr Phil, Clo, Bruce Esinem, Nina Russ, Adreena Winters, members of the audience.

More pictures if you scroll down.

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